Want to send a message? “Walk Out” of State Testing

If your child had a walk out at their school today, they were being used as pawns by grown ups. If that bothers you enough to do something about it, here is what you need to do:  Opt your child out of state testing.

Every year from mid-April to mid-May, crunch time comes to your child’s school. Absurd rallies are held, indoctrination occurs, and stress inducing speeches from teachers and administrators hype up the life and death importance to “show what you know” on the test. Nothing is more central to the existence of your ineffective school administrator and mindless district office drone than bumping up those test scores.

As a parent, these tests are completely worthless from any meaningful perspective . Even teachers will tell you that the data gathered is virtually useless.  What few in education will tell you is that the tests don’t serve the interest of your student and not testing them in no way will hamper their educational progress.

However, these tests are the aqua vitae for school bureaucrats. If you want to know what they care about all else, this is it. This is their weakness, and you can exploit it without any fallout for your child. You can opt them out of state testing.

For a school to have their test scores be considered valid, 95% of enrolled students must participate in and complete the various standardized tests that have been created by educational cabals, curriculum companies, and otherwise vacuous and worthless organizations. Once you accept the truth that test scores matter more to your child’s school than your child, your goal should be to drive this number down below 95%.  If your child is incredibly bright, opting them out drives down test scores. That makes schools take notice. Having scores for an entire school be considered invalid creates a whole host of problems for the school leadership. It will get their attention. This is THE compliance device that you have available.

You can easily opt your child out. Here is how to accomplish this task. You send a simple letter or send an email to the school administrator. Here is an example:


Dear Principal [Name],

I wanted to let you know that my student, [name], will not take part in the [name the test] this year. We are asking that you make arrangements for him/her to have a productive educational experience during the testing period and thank you in advance.

{If you want to tell them why you are opting them out, you can include that here. You do not have to provide a reason and no reason you provide can eliminate your right not to have them tested.}

Thank you for your assistance on this matter. Please contact me after you have had the opportunity to plan how my child will spend his/her time during testing. Having this information in advance will help me prepare my child for school on these days.   




cc:         [name of student’s teacher]


What will testing look like for them now? Your child has to be provided a place at school and cannot be asked to stay home. Wherever they are sent on campus, it can’t be seen as punitive location or arrangement. They will probably be asked why they get to leave by other students. Have your student let other kids know about opting out of the state tests. While they hate it, administrators cannot target your child for not testing and also cannot discipline them for expressing to other students lawfully protected speech and ideas.

Most of us went to school prior to the existence of the Department of Education and before standardized testing. Don’t fear opting your student out. You turned out fine. They will to. They’ll turn out much better if they aren’t allowed to be mindlessly indoctrinated by the educational factory system. The insatiable craving for better test scores is the Achilles heel of our modern school system.  Attack it with one well placed arrow. Opt your child out of the upcoming state tests. You’ll be amazed at how much more interested your school administration is in LISTENING to you.

*Please spread this message to just one person you know thinks and feels like you do.*


The Death of a Nutcracker – Volume 1

The above title of this article is the subject line of an email I sent today to Duluth Trading Company. The contents of this controversial email are below, in full. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. TRIGGER WARNING: Non-provocative seasonal underwear pictures ahead. Anyone with a fear of nutcrackers should stop reading now and report to your local asylum for the criminally insane.

The full, unredacted text of my email:

Re: The Death of a Nutcracker – Volume 1

This email contains both a short, to the point business version, and a longer version that hopefully brings a bit of joy to your day. The business version first.

Dear Duluth Trading Company:

I bought some of your underwear a few weeks ago, and after two wears and a wash, they’re ripped at the bottom. I really find your product comfortable but am feeling like they should have lasted longer. The order number is 

Order Detail: 65578028

Please help. 

Should you be willing to fling your eyes across a page (figuratively, not literally) to read witty banter, funny chit chat, idle emailing, general silliness, and G rated underpants humor, please read on. Should this prove an upsetting idea, please feel free to stop reading now.

You’ve been warned.

Seriously, bad Dad humor ahead. ​​​​

Ok, you asked for it.

Dear Purveyor of Fine Garments,

I am writing to you in regards to a recent purchase of your Buck Naked Pattern Boxer Briefs Underwear.

I was gifted a plain black pair of your underwear for my birthday, and upon feeling the true buck naked nature of such a high quality undergarment, I did the natural thing. I bought more.

Being a miserly, hard working man who knows the value of a dollar, I found your seasonal underwear on clearance offered both the high quality feel of a fine material along with a print that seemed to fit my needs. Having no actual plans to show my underwear outside of the home, and having a wonderful sense of humor should the unexpected revelation of my new fancy underpants occur, I purchased a pair of your boxer briefs with a delightful Nutcracker pattern. Make no mistake, the pun of the pattern was not lost on me. *Wink wink*

Sadly, these underwear have not withstood the test of time…time in this case being worn, washed, and worn again. While I would like to believe that it was the undeniable power of my own…well…you know…that could not be contained by your wonderfully comfortable undergarments I feel that perhaps they may be subject to some kind of manufacturing defect. I’m used to buying my underwear by the pack and getting years of service from my trusty cotton boxers.  Yet the comfort and feel of your product made me make a sizable investment in my underwear drawer portfolio. My black boxer briefs and hunter orange boxers (which I plan to wear hunting…with pants of course) are soldering on (pun intended) but the soldiers on my Nutcracker underwear are cut off at the knees..literally. 

While I’m not sure you want me to return my twice worn underwear, I would like to exchange them. I feel like we were just getting to know each other (me and your underwear, not me and you, the wonderful customer service person reading this…but hello there, you). I don’t want to give up like Rose gave up on Jack at the end of Titanic…quite easily and for no real reason. I hope to have a future full of Buck Naked Duluth Trading underwear. Any help you can provide in saving this relationship is appreciated.

I’ve attached pictures of my twice worn underwear, which is the first time this seems to be an appropriate opportunity to attach pictures of my underwear to an email.


{Like Frank Costanza}
Professional Man
Amateur Underwear Enthusiast

The True Danger of Gun Violence

In the midst of hysterics and chaos, I’m going to write this multi-part piece for myself as much as anyone else. I’ll let you know my bias and my agenda at the front end…I don’t want to die in a hail of gunfire and I don’t want to be reliant only hopes, thoughts and prayers if I find myself in the middle of it. Is there actually a nuanced approach to public safety that we can take that both reduces the chance you find yourself in that situation and also gives you the best possible methods to escape it?

I’m going to do my best to propose that there is.

Part I – Who am I and where are we as a nation?

If you watch the media, and I hope you don’t, the entire world is falling apart. Yet, when I’m out in the world with CNN muffled, Twitter alerts turned off, the world is an amazing place.  We are living in the best country on Earth. If you have any historical perspective, we are living better today than any Emperor of Rome. Yet nobody ever talks about that which is tragic.

Who am I? I’m a public school teacher. I’m a union member who is proud of my local union and ashamed of the NEA and CTA. I’m also a father, a husband, a gun owner, a competitive shooter and an American. And, like you, I don’t want to live in a world where I have to fear for my safety and the safety of my children. Unlike many of you, I have had the experience where carrying a firearm helped avert a dangerous situation. Hopefully that gives me some credibility to speak here. If nothing else, it does give me relevant experience.

The first step I’d propose we all take is to reflect on just how lucky we are to live in America. Everything you hear on TV is about how terrible this country is.  There are some messed up things in the world for sure. The media is stoking hatred and tribalism. When’s the last time you heard anything about how we are all one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all? I hear that every morning as my school still does the pledge of allegiance. Every student in my class of 32 stands, on their own free will. My class is also composed of all races, religions, colors and creeds. They are all Americans. When you turn on the tap and drinkable, clean water comes out, remember that puts you ahead of most people on Earth. Be proud of your nation, your heritage and come together to celebrate it. Every American citizen is your countryman, be proud of it and treat them like they matter.

Also, remember the water crisis in Flint, Michigan? Is that still a thing? I hope it has been fixed as I’d rather we take money destined for Pakistan and use it for Americans in Flint. However, notice that the media only sticks with a crisis as long as it is politically useful and generates viewership. They never really cared about Flint. Take that into perspective as well when you tune in. The purpose of MSNBC, Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC isn’t to give you news, it is to outrage you and addict you to their product. They stir the debate on gun control as long as it outrages and gets ratings. What they show you isn’t reality any more than The Apprentice.

So when you feel like it is all falling apart, realize that we are lucky in so many ways to live in America. Most people are incredibly good and that isn’t something you can say of the people of all nations. Some nations tolerate and expect corruption, and while I fear we are headed the same direction, we can still save this country. We are all Americans and that should unite us. E Plurbus Unum…out of many, one. Turn off the TV and go out and meet your fellow Americans. The extreme majority are actually wonderful people.

Finally, I don’t want to die in a gunfight. I also don’t want to die in a car crash, or from a lightning strike, or a stroke, or anything else. So next I’m going to try to convince you we need to get away from “I don’t want to die from gun violence,” to “I don’t want to die, period.”

Part II – The true danger of gun violence

The next step I propose is that when we take into account who to listen to, we think first about their goals and expertise. When it comes to schools, is the object to have fewer shootings? Truly? I would propose the answer is actually no.

The object should be to have safer schools. Period. All forms of violence included. I want fewer rapes on campus, fewer gang fights, fewer stabbings, and fewer shootings. I want safer schools. That doesn’t make me beholden to a single issue like gun control and instead gives me the flexibility to approach the goal in any way that gets me there.

If you are still on board, the second point I’ll offer is that you should be very weary of anyone who uses the term “gun violence.” Their goal is different than yours and mine. They want to focus on a political agenda and not an outcome. They literally do want to take your guns away. That’s their goal. Their goal isn’t actually based on making anybody safer. I won’t go into the long history of gun control being the first move of a dictatorial government who wants to engage in genocide (see Armenian Genocide, Soviet Russia, China under Mao, Holocaust, etc). I won’t go into the many examples of gun control failing in modern times to have any meaningful impact on crime or safety (and actually, make things less safe. See: Prohibition, Chicago or read John Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime.)  I won’t go into how Prohibition of alcohol actually increased crime and was so miserable a failure as to be repealed as a Constitutional Amendment.

If you think gun control works, then why hasn’t the war on drugs worked? Why doesn’t banning murder stop murder? Simple question and if you’re open minded, it might give you some insight as to why prohibition always fails.

If someone says to you the term “gun violence,” their goal is to take away guns or they are simply being used as a political pawn. Again, that is not even remotely the same as the goal to make people safer. They are focused on a method with no care for the outcome you are interested in. You are either with the people who want to reduce gun violence (which really just means imposing gun control) or the people who want to reduce all violence (which requires actual thought, nuanced policy and focuses on a meaningful outcome we are all behind). Which is it?

On a related note, did you know that blunt objects like hammers and rocks kill more people every year than rifles and shotguns of all types? Anybody here glad to be bludgeoned to death instead of being shot? Let’s make the goal to reduce all murders and violence and act accordingly. Let’s ignore anybody who talks about “gun violence.” If you ask them probing questions to find out what they know about guns, you’ll find they all know practically nothing. If your doctor knew little about the human body, would you take their medical advice seriously? Of course not. Then why do we take the opinions of people who know nothing about guns seriously when it comes to guns?

If I thought there was any evidence that gun control made my kids safer, I’d pick their safety over anything. However, there is no evidence to support that idea.

Part III- Why gun control is the wrong tool to deal with dangerous people

Unfortunately, evil and dangerous people will exist in the world. No matter what we do, evil will continue to exist and bad things will happen. We will always have to be ready to deal with this reality. That’s why we have a military and police force. That’s why some people decide to legally carry a firearm.

So shouldn’t we take guns away from dangerous people? I agree that we should…but it still wouldn’t work.  Why?

First, there is plenty evidence that the government is completely incapable of actually doing this effectively. For instance, the Virginia Tech shooter, who I will not name, should never have been able to buy a gun. The Sutherland Springs church shooter should have not been able to buy a gun, but because the Air Force didn’t forward the right information, he wasn’t in the system. Dangerous people who by law shouldn’t get guns still get guns.

Dangerous people are also, by definition, dangerous. If we took their guns away, but they hijacked a school bus full of children and drove it into a lake would we declare victory because the kids drowned and were not shot? Of course not. If you are too dangerous to own a gun, you are too dangerous to drive a car, fly on a plane, buy fertilizer and diesel fuel, rent a truck and so forth. Dangerous people shouldn’t have access to anything other than the medical help they need. This is why we need to bring back mental health facilities. Mental institutions has a negative connotation, but the bottom line is that they exist for a reason.

Part IV – How do we make schools safer?

We know the answers. Here they are:

  1. Some kill because it makes them famous. Do not give the shooters media attention. Do not make them famous. Do not use their name or their picture. Make it clear that they will be erased from history and that they will be forgotten. Those who seek fame will be deterred by this.
  2. Some kill because they are mentally ill. Create a social system that cares for people. The shooter in Florida should be in a mental institution right now and those 17 kids and teachers should be alive. Instead, we just passed the buck. Broken people are dangerous, and we need a place to care for them. Dangerous people shouldn’t be out and about, period. And guess what…that would mean that we have effectively taken guns away from these people while they are institutionalized getting the help they need. I’m for that.
  3. Some kill because it is easy. Stop creating targets of opportunity. Eliminate the blanket gun-free zone laws. Pass a law stating that if you have a gun-free zone at your business or at your schools, you are legally liable for the defense of everyone in your gun free zone. They’d have to take security a little more seriously.
  4. Stop equating guns with violence.  Ever wonder why there isn’t a mass shooting at a police station, gun show, or shooting competition? There are guns everywhere. The reason that there isn’t a mass shooting? There are guns everywhere. Guns themselves are not the problem.  Again, blunt objects like hammers are more likely to be used in a homicide than a rifle or shotgun.  Let’s put the focus on stopping violence. Guns are a great way to stop violence. When the church shooter in Texas was engaged by a civilian with his own AR-15, he never took another life after that.
  5. Turn off the media. Put your focus on the lives of your children, your community, your church and your community. The world is an amazing place. Enjoy it for all the wonderful things it has, because nobody is getting out of this alive.  Stop focusing on the negative.
  6. Have an armed staff member on campus. The first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun. I think we’ve seen enough to know that the complete prohibition of staff access to firearms costs lives. We want the police there quick because…they have guns. Guns in the hands of good people is a solution, as politically unpleasant as that may be for some.
  7. Allow staff to have firearms in their personal vehicles. I personally wouldn’t want to carry a gun in class all day, but if I needed a gun my truck is 30 seconds away. Today the law bans me from having a firearm in my vehicle and I follow the law. If that law were repealed, I would install a safe in my vehicle for a firearm and there would be one in there. That would give me a fighting chance.

Part V- Guns in the classroom

Do guns belong in the classroom? Not exactly.

The blanket policy of having a gun-free zone is insane. It has never saved a single life, but it has cost many. The opposite end of that spectrum would be allowing teachers to have guns at school with virtually no restriction or oversight. That would be equally insane. This is the hardest part of the whole thing to get right. I’ll try to look at all the issues and form a conclusion by taking a look at prisons, which sadly, share a lot of the same traits as some of our schools.

Guards who interact with inmates don’t carry guns. Inmates could easily get access to the guns and that would be bad. This should be obvious. Inmates and students are often not all that different. For this reason, I don’t think teachers should carry guns in class. I think it is just as likely to create a problem as to solve one. Easy access to guns is not a good thing and with these school shootings, unlike a rape or robbery, you may have the benefit of time and distance to get to a firearm.  On the other hand, prisons are filled with alternative tools for corrections officers. Giving teachers less than lethal weapons in the classroom would be a reasonable compromise. I’d much rather face down a threat with a bean bag shotgun than with a whiteboard eraser.

The guards who interact with inmates don’t carry guns…but they are always under the protective eye of guards who do carry guns. I think that there should always be a staff member on campus who is armed or has the ability to arm themselves quickly. Most campuses have administrative buildings that are more secure, can control student access and would allow for the safe and secure storage of a firearm. That firearm should be taken home every night and returned every day. At all times a staff member in the office who is trained to use it should be present. Each summer there should be mandatory training for the staff members tasked with security. The bottom line is that there should be someone who is given the job of keeping the campus safe in a crisis.

The biggest problem with all of this preparation is that often students are either informed directly or figure out on their own what the plan would be in the case of a school shooting. Knowing the response of your opposition ahead of time puts a potential shooter at a huge advantage. This is where you have to have a back-up plan.

My last line of defense would be allowing staff to store firearms in personal vehicles. I’d much rather make a dash to get a gun out of my vehicle than sit and wait to get shot. This would keep a firearm away from students, but not so far as to be unrealistically inaccessible in crisis. It also would be impossible for a shooter to accurately predict who would have a gun in their car, how they would get to it, etc. Speed, surprise and violence of action wins the day in combat, and a staff member with a firearm in their vehicle might be able to pull off all three. 

Part VI – Can we do it?

You have one side screaming about “gun violence” and as long as they have a serious seat at the adult table, nothing will get fixed. We can do it, but only if they get the boot. They don’t share the goal of safe schools. They want something else and are using student safety as a pawn to get it.

If we can ignore them, then yes, I think it is doable. I share the goals of making students and schools safe places to be and would love to hear what you think in the comments below.







Why the left can’t stand school choice

There is a lot that the media gets wrong about public education.  I’m not getting into the debate today on which is the superior product between public and private education.  There is plenty out there on the issue already and at the end of the day it doesn’t seem that there is an indisputable conclusion that we can reach.

Today I want to briefly explore why the left really doesn’t want to have school choice, and it has nothing to do with teachers, students, student performance on tests, standing up for anybody, or because they fear competition on providing a superior educational experience.

I believe that public schools today can compete academically and are free to indoctrinate liberally (pun intended).  The real, and perhaps only, reason the left doesn’t want school choice is because they don’t want people to have an alternative place to school their children that could be absent the left’s social agenda, which is increasingly pervasive in public schools.

Take a look at this month’s CTA Educator magazine.  It is all about social agendas, virtually none of it is about sound educational practices.  Most of the issue this month is around gender identity and transgender student issues.  The magazine is completely one sided in the portrayal of transgenderism as a thing to be celebrated.  I’m personally of the belief that transgender issues are a form of mental illness and that instead of embracing it as something to celebrate, we should look to help those who are dealing with it.  We wouldn’t have someone embrace their bi-polar disorder or paranoid schizophrenia.  We’d want them to get help.  I know that my classification of transgender people as mentally ill will come across as hateful or bigoted.  I’ll qualify my statements with my own personal belief that fully formed adults (but perhaps not confused teens or children) should be free to do what they want as long as it doesn’t do harm to others.  This means that a grown man should be allowed to wear a dress and makeup, and I should be allowed to say that I’m not so sure that’s healthy.  However, completely ignoring the fact that transgendered people are 20 times more likely to kill themselves seems to be ignoring the fact that medical help may be needed.  My view on transgender issues could be totally wrong, but to not give equal space to the other side of the story just drives home my point.  In the educational arena of the left, there isn’t usually a place for alternative viewpoints that run counter to their narrative.

Public education leadership is, for the most part, pretty one sided in their agenda.  You don’t see a lot of the right pushing political ideas in schools.  Educational leadership mostly pushes everything from the left-of-center viewpoint and subtly take digs at the right.  They don’t want to lose their captive audience of young impressionable minds.  Allowing alternatives to public school will make them have to compete for students, and pushing a political agenda will no longer be possible.  Most businesses don’t get political because they lose customers to competitors in their industry.  Schools get political because their customers have no alternative right now. That’s the real reason the left doesn’t want school choice.  The left doesn’t want to have to compete socially and ideologically in schools.

Will school choice work?  I don’t know.  But I won’t weep if it happens.  It wouldn’t matter if I did, because they’ll be plenty of weeping, screeching and hysterics from the left to make up for my stoic silence when they lose their unfettered access to indoctrination of young minds. I do not think that a teacher or school should ever push a political agenda and must be fair to all sides of the issue.  I think school choice might force just that.

The Cis Gender Heteronormative Who Cried Hitler

AKA The Boy Who Cried Protest

letter B

There once was a cisgender hetero-normative child who identified as a boy. If Rachel Dolezal was writing this, that would be the story.

Anyway, there was a boy who was bored as he sat on the stool at his locally owned vegan bakery watching the village sheep…er…I mean watching the liberal denizens eating their free-trade certified organic Kopi Luwak muffin tops. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, “Protest! Protest! Trump is literally Hitler! He is going to talk all your vegan baked gnocchi!”

The unemployed professional agitators gathered up some well meaning friends who were within earshot and came running up the hill to help the boy drive the Trump/literally Hitler away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no Hitler. They only found a strange thing they called “normal Americans” and “winning.”  They had not seen or talked to these for years.  The mob ignored them and looked at the boy. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces and hastily assembled and badly misspelled signs.

“Don’t cry ‘Hitler’, shepherd boy,” said the well-meaning but to this point useless agitators, “when there’s no Hitler!” They went grumbling back down the hill complaining about racism and xenophobia, although nobody really knew what xenophobia meant.

Later, the boy sang out again, “Hitler! Hitler! The Trump is turning us into Nazi Germany!” To his naughty delight, he watched the well-meaning but mindlessly misinformed professional agitators run up the hill to help him drive the Hitler away.

When the agitators, who blindly responded to anyone who yelled “Hitler!” saw no Hitler they sternly said, “Save your frightened song for when there is really something wrong! Don’t cry ‘Hitler’ when there is NO Hitler!”  A professional agitator named Chuck Shoemer slipped the boy $20 and said “No, boy.  You keep screaming Hitler.  Don’t listen to the mindless rubes. We must yell Hitler every day. Here is a list of other words to use if you get tired of saying Hitler.”

The boy just grinned and watched them go grumbling down the hill once more, but in lesser numbers than before.  Clearly, some of the agitators had grown tired of the false cries of “Hitler!” and stopped coming. The boy , Albert Sharptown, happily pocked the $20 and decided to make a career out of professional agitating when he grew older.

Later, he saw a REAL Hitler prowling about his local farmers market looking for good deals on vine-ripened organic tomatoes and free-range chicken eggs. Alarmed, he leaped to his feet and sang out as loudly as he could, “Hitler! Hitler!”  It was a REAL Hitler!

But the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, and so they didn’t care.  Only a few, tired, very old and confused agitators came to shake signs with bad misspellings and offensive slogans.  At the point of their greatest need, they were at their weakest.  They could not drive the Hitler away because the other well-meaning villagers had grown tired of their nonsense.

At sunset, everyone wondered why the  boy hadn’t returned to the village with their $18 Manhattans and deconstructed organic artisan vegan tacos that they ritually order from that new place on 4th Avenue. They, being too tired to engage any longer, got on their smartphone and sent a Task Rabbit for $5 who went up the hill to find the boy. They found him weeping.

“There really was a Hitler here! Your deconstructed organic artisan vegan tacos and Manhattans are gone! I cried out, “Hitler” Why didn’t you come?”

An old sad and seemingly weepy man tried to comfort the boy as they walked back to the village. He told the boy, as he cried “What Hitler did to those tacos…weep…cry…was Unamerican and…weep…mean spirited.”  The man had strangely brought a professional photographer and press corps to photograph the event.

“We’ll help you look for the lost tacos in the morning,” he said, putting his arm around the youth, “Nobody believes a liar…even when he is telling the truth!  Believe me, I know.  I’ve been a liar my whole life and got away with it until about 11 days ago.  Don’t worry, we’ve still got that whole list of other names to call!”


*The moral of the story is that the liberals and the left really need to wise up and dial it back.  Trump isn’t literally Hitler.  I’m a huge fan of our new President.  That said, the second he starts rounding up American citizens and gassing them to death, you can count me in on the literal resistance to Hitler movement.  However, if you keep up your hysterics to someone who is clearly NOT HITLER, someday there may be someone who is. If you don’t stop it now, nobody will pay any attention to you later.

Listen or don’t.  At this point, I don’t listen to you.  You’ve lost me and don’t seem interested in ever getting me back. I know who hasn’t forgotten about me.  I voted for him in November.

President Trump will pick William Pryor for Supreme Court

I believe that President Trump will pick William Pryor for the Supreme Court.  Here’s why:

  1.  He’s a staunch conservative in that he holds to the original intent and meaning of the Constitution.  He would be a fantastic replacement for the late Justice Scalia in that sense.
  2. He actually did NOT support Alabama Chief Justice Moore who defied the federal government on a court ruling in 2004 regarding the 10 Commandments on state grounds.  He follows the rule of law.
  3. The main reason the media gives in objection is that the Democrats in the Senate won’t like him because he isn’t a liberal centrist.  That’s almost like an endorsement.
  4. He’s the most pro-gun out of the bunch.  I think the President will reward the NRA members who endorsed him early and worked hard for him during election season to ensure a good pick.
  5. Pryor is the one that the media complains the most about.  Enough said.

He will get nominated and he will get appointed.  #MAGA continues.

Bold Prediction: California returns to the political center

I know, it sounds crazy.  It might be crazy.  But we live in crazy times.  Crazy awesome.

California is threatening to secede from the United States. They’re now talking about non-compliance with Federal Tax law.  I think these two have the potential to return California more towards what might be called an actual American view of politics.  Here’s why:

  1.  They’re taking on President Donald Trump.  That alone should give them pause.  They cannot win.  President Trump is like the Terminator.  He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t pull punches.  He doesn’t lose.  He won’t be dictated to. He does what is best for the American people. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make these leftist Marxist leaders into examples by putting them in prison, gutting funding, or whatever else it takes.  Sacrificial lambs are useful when you want to make a point.  I think PDJT just found some volunteers to be sacrificed. Those leaders who are left behind will have to abandon the Marxist Globalism or face the consequences.  Eventually we’ll get leaders who are actually liberal and not Che Guevara flavored Globalist left extremists.
  2.  They’re really only popular positions in counties that are population centers in the state.  LA, San Francisco and San Diego. If you want to punish the counties that are defying the law, it isn’t hard to target them within the state specifically.  Tulare county isn’t talking about fighting the United States. Unlike many political insurrections, it isn’t hard to find the stronghold of the opposition and punish it directly.
  3. People today are extremely soft and don’t know what true hardship is.  Ashley Judd thinks that taxes on feminine hygiene products are oppressive but doesn’t mention Sharia law and the stoning of rape victims. I don’t think the majority of the anti-American left will follow their leaders when they see the consequences that rain down on those same leaders.  I think their zeal for such nonsense quickly peters out.

Long story short, I think that in the political bloodbath that is sure to come, the extremists of California’s left Anti-American Red Revolution will face severe casualties among their leadership.   Their positions will become politically untenable through any of the various options available to our President and they will lose.  That is almost a given. They’ll feel the pain and those who are left will straighten up and fly right, to borrow from the WWII song of the same name. I think the number of actual true believers in the Leftist/Globalist/Marxist/Stalinst camp that masquerades under the banner of liberalism is very few and that once a couple are made an example of, the rest will fade into the political middle.

The only sure thing that I will predict is more winning for the United States and the American people.

Everyday it is #MAGA all day.  Thank you Mr. President.

Winning Update – January 26th

I can’t keep track of all the winning.

Please, Mr. President, keep on winning despite my inability to stay on pace with your winning.  I’ll get better at tolerating such massive amounts of winning.  Our land has been parched due to the lack the raindrops of winning. I’ll get used to it. Just keep the winning coming.


Amnesty Border Patrol guy vs. President Trump

The head of the Border Patrol, who publicly supported amnesty and was not supported by the front line Border Patrol officers union, left the Border Patrol today. Why he chose to leave is unclear, but at this point doesn’t matter. President Trump wins 1-0.

President of Mexico vs. President Trump

The President of Mexico cancelled a meeting with President Trump because he wasn’t willing or able to deal with PDJT despite the fact that Mexico has zero leverage in any potential deal. PDJT moved forward with his plans for the wall and NAFTA unfazed.  President Trump wins 2-0.

Nature vs. President Trump

Half of California is no longer in drought conditions.  Credit to President Trump?  Only God truly knows.    I like him, so I’d give him the win, but I need facts to support the official victory.  No points awarded, but statistically there is correlation.

Anarchist Asshole Protesters vs. President Trump

Portland, Oregon, AKA Hipster Nation Central, had the PD actually break up a bunch of “protesters” who acted like morons and tried to prevent people from using public transit.  The PD ended the protest, arrested the morons, butt hurt flowed with a vengeance from protesters, and the PD was supported by the mayor and onlookers.  Attitudes have shifted significantly.  It is now punk rock to be Trumpian.  President Trump wins 3-0.


Swampian Obama Appointees vs. President Trump

A bunch of Obama Washington insiders in charge of stuff at the terrible State Department resigned.  They were a disaster, but I think the media thinks we’re supposed to be sad.  Is PDJT sad?  I think not. President Trump wins 4-0.


Sanctuary City vs. President Trump

Miami ended their policy of being a sanctuary city today.  My hands are getting tired typing about all this winning.  President Trump wins 159-0.


Kellyanne Conway DESTROYS Chuck Turd #ChuckTurd

I have a 4 year old and a 3 year old.  I can recognize a tantrum and know the point at which any logical though shuts down and inward thoughts can’t be contained.

Chuck Todd (now #ChuckTurd) of NBC-used-to-be-news just went full daycare blowout.  Here’s Chuck Todd throwing a tantrum on a level that makes me think someone might want to check him for a diaper.


Chuck Todd is a joke. He’s so enraged that his candidate didn’t win and that he doesn’t get his way unchecked that he literally doesn’t know how to react.  Kellyanne Conway absolutely DESTROYS him.  She’s Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and Chuck is a dangling bloody spine wiggling in her hand after she finishes him. The press are the Dodo birds of Washington and she’s hunting them down. She calls out his blatant bias, actually does rise above his level of discourse, and at the end leaves him a shaking, whimpering confused mass of trigglypuff.

His bias is obvious.  He’s a laughing stock.  He’s fake news.  He should be fired, but gladly he won’t.  If he can barely handle Day 1, somewhere along the line, if the Dodos aren’t hunted to extinction, they’re going to go out with heads exploding.

It’s kind of like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” except instead of Clarence getting his wings, everytime the Trump Administration calls out the media bias, a liberal propagandist’s head explodes.