The DNC – Does Not Compute

The DNC, ever critical of any kind of border protection and toting the tiring slogan “build bridges, not walls.”  That DNC.  Does.  Not.  Compute.

They built an 8 foot high, 4 mile long wall around their convention.  No bridges were built to facilitate the Bernie Sanders supporters arrival.  The Bernie Barrier actually kept out the people who supported the DNC.  They just didn’t support the candidate that the DNC wanted.

Not only did they build a wall and not a bridge, they actively suppressed the First Amendment within their own convention.  They took signs from Bernie supporters and threatened to pull credentials from any delegate who didn’t conform to Hillary’s vision for America.

High walls keeping out those they don’t want, suppression of free speech of those they don’t agree with…that’s the Democratic National Committee.

If you supported Bernie Sanders and you’ve read the DNC emails, the only choice you can support in the upcoming election is Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or even the Donald.    Remember that Bernie Brigade.  Hillary worked with the DNC to kill your movement.  I’ll never vote for a Democrat again, and I’ve voted for Democrats.  You lost me.

Me, I’m #MAGA.


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