Dear Media…part 1

Dear Media,

It’s been both fun and sad watching you perform mental gynmastics on what caused Trump to win, what a win will mean for America and what Trump will do as President.

You still don’t get it.

You universally say that Trump was elected because of old white high school dropouts in Klan robes.

He wasn’t.

You label his supporters deplorables who possess blatant racism, sexism, etc.  You still look down your nose in your tantrum at the people who voted for Donald Trump and exhibit the very behavior you claim to deplore.  You’re talking down to us, labeling us, accusing us, and assume we’re all stupid.

We Aren’t.

Please, keep on labeling us.  Keep on insulting us.  Keep on talking down to us.  Your behavior proves everything we thought was true.  You’re the problem, not us.

Day 1 of Making America Great Again.  4 more years to go.


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