Help me President Trump, You’re my only hope

If you thought I stole that line from Star Wars, replacing Obi-Wan with our new President Elect…well, you’re obviously right.  Thus ends the humor of this open letter I sincerely hope finds it’s way to the new champion of the forgotten man and woman.

President Trump,

Congratulations on your win.  I, along with millions of other Americans, are filled with a new hope that it is morning in America.  Never in my voting lifetime have I had so much hope for the future of our country.  You have invested your time, money and had the courage to be who you are. You cast political correctness aside for authenticity.  You cast “political wisdom” into the dust-bin in trade for common sense.  You have done what I always knew you could do in winning this election.  You did it for us, the American people.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I truly know and believe that you want to Make America Great Again for all Americans. It is our duty to stand and support you where we can, and to offer solutions and ideas to the problems I know you are trying to solve.  I am asking that you please follow through on four things for those of us who are in states where the 2nd Amendment is not only under attack, but burned, battered, spit upon and defiled.

In California, I do not have the right to self-defense in the same way as almost every other state.  I personally possess a Nevada Non-Resident concealed carry permit which required training, a three month long background check (which in reality probably took a phone call) and live fire demonstration of firearms proficiency.  I legally carry a gun routinely in Nevada and have done so now since 2009. Yet, my sheriff here in California refuses to issue a permit to any resident who is completely qualified to carry a firearm because our Sheriff is against gun rights.  The practice of arbitrary denial of rights must end.

Additionally, California has enacted multiple laws that go above and beyond anything done at the Federal level.  We can purchase a new handgun only if it appears on the state approved list of handguns, a list which most handguns are not on.  Rifle and shotgun purchases of certain models are restricted by arbitrary feature having nothing to do with functionality, safety or use. Magazine capacity limits, and now confiscation, have done nothing for crime prevention.  California routinely creates new laws to turn law abiding gun owners overnight into criminals for technicalities while releasing violent felons.  The ability of the states to infringe upon a Constitutional right with regulation that goes above and beyond the thousands of Federal regulations governing firearms must stop.

Here are my four requests:

  1.  Please work with Congress to enact legislation to ensure a national right to shall-issue concealed carry with 50 state reciprocity.  I know you have written multiple position papers and made this a part of your campaign speech.  Unlike a politician, I know you will follow through.  I should be able to get a permit in California if I can get one in Nevada and that permit should be valid in the entire country the same way a marriage license or drivers license is.
  2. Ensure that arbitrary state laws that prohibit the sale, transfer and ownership of rifles, shotguns and handguns that are legal according to Federal law are no longer allowed.  States should not be able to restrict the fundamental Constitutional rights of their citizens to the point that the right no longer exists.  Regulation of firearms ownership, as a fundamental Constitutional right, should only be done at the Federal level and regulation should have to pass strict Constitutional scrutiny.
  3. Include average people from New York, California, New Jersey…states where the 2nd Amendment barely exists…in your 2nd Amendment Coalition headed up by Donald Junior.  I see industry titans, champion shooters, but it wouldn’t hurt to have an Average Joe.  The voice of the common man, as you know from talking with the electricians, plumbers, framers and so on when you build a property, is often the one you need most.  I can’t tell you what it’s like to run a $100 million dollar firearms company, but I can tell you what it’s like to live in California and where things have gone wrong.
  4. Please stay who you are at your core and stay the man we elected.  We elected you, not the person political consultants will undoubtedly advise you to become.  We elected you because you’re not a politician.  Undoubtedly Washington and its snake oil salesman will try to assimilate you.  Don’t let them.  Don’t become just another politically correct drone.  You can be Presidential and still be you. Let your family guide you in decorum, not Washington.  Your children and your wife all show decorum and strength.  Anyone can be more polished around the edges without changing the steel in the middle.

You have the full support of the millions of legal firearms owners in making this work. I have hope because of where we are at today in America.  We’re in the first good place we’ve been in a long time.

Like you, I don’t ask people for things I’m not willing to work for.  I’m the average, law abiding, tax paying, middle class American.  I work to feed my family, I respect the Constitution and love my country.  I may be only one person, but as you know, the power of the millions like me coming together can accomplish great things.  I stand by you and am here to work if you need me.  We sent you to Washington as our voice.  Please let us know when we can help you speak for us.

Thank you.


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