I’m comforted…

Here, in my safe space, postulating the future of our nation, I am comforted.

President Trump seems to want to reach out to all Americans.  No doubt he is a Nationalist, but so was Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and pretty much every American prior to about 1960.  I just don’t see the hatred they claim Trump has.  Globalism hasn’t been all that great for most people.

The irrational, violent and emotionally stunted response to the election by a very select few doesn’t have me worried at all.  They’ve become the defacto spokespeople for the DNC.  I don’t think that will work well for their safe spaces, cuddle parties, coloring books and…whatever.  If they can’t handle a President Trump, they definitely can’t handle anything we should be worried about.

Donald Trump has sought to support the military, law enforcement and law abiding gun owners.  That’s a pretty powerful group for one reason.  All of those groups conditionally support him for his belief in the Constitution, Rule of Law and love of the American people.  If the anarchists in the streets can’t come to grips with reality and want to push this past peaceful protest, I think America has that handled.  If Donald Trump tries to become a dictator, I think we have that handled to.

Keep on peacefully protesting.  Peaceful is good.  I’ll be here in my safe space.  My tranquility is preserved.



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