The Opposite

I have some very simple advice for the DNC and the party elites and the media to fix the “problem” they currently find themselves in.  First, watch this video clip.

Yes, that’s the advice.  Do the opposite.  That’s it.  Really.

Think about it.  What has Donald Trump done in the primary and the general election?  He took the most common political wisdom and…did the opposite.  They all said don’t insult your opponents…Little Marco…Lyin’ Ted…Crooked Hillary.  Definitely don’t Tweet your every thought at 3am…hello Tweetstorm.  Hillary won’t give a concession speech?  The media all quickly said that they’re no way we’ll see Trump tonight.  10 minutes later…here comes Trump.  It’s a remarkably simple formula.

DNC and media…every instinct you have had since 2015 has been wrong.  The opposite would have to be right.

Right now, you’ve learned nothing.  You’re doing the equivalent of talking slowly and more loudly to someone who can’t speak your language.  It isn’t helping.  You’re doubling down on the same exact things that got you here.  That only gets you to further down the path to disaster twice as fast.

As a good first step, I’d encourage you to do the thing you’ve never actually done.  Invite common people from Sturgis, South Dakota or Thermopolis, Wyoming or Grand Rapids, Michigan on your shows.  Talk to them instead of talking down to them or having someone from Georgetown explain what they’re thinking.  They speak.  You can talk to them.  You might learn something.

See.  It’s the opposite.


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