President Trump will pick William Pryor for Supreme Court

I believe that President Trump will pick William Pryor for the Supreme Court.  Here’s why:

  1.  He’s a staunch conservative in that he holds to the original intent and meaning of the Constitution.  He would be a fantastic replacement for the late Justice Scalia in that sense.
  2. He actually did NOT support Alabama Chief Justice Moore who defied the federal government on a court ruling in 2004 regarding the 10 Commandments on state grounds.  He follows the rule of law.
  3. The main reason the media gives in objection is that the Democrats in the Senate won’t like him because he isn’t a liberal centrist.  That’s almost like an endorsement.
  4. He’s the most pro-gun out of the bunch.  I think the President will reward the NRA members who endorsed him early and worked hard for him during election season to ensure a good pick.
  5. Pryor is the one that the media complains the most about.  Enough said.

He will get nominated and he will get appointed.  #MAGA continues.


Bold Prediction: California returns to the political center

I know, it sounds crazy.  It might be crazy.  But we live in crazy times.  Crazy awesome.

California is threatening to secede from the United States. They’re now talking about non-compliance with Federal Tax law.  I think these two have the potential to return California more towards what might be called an actual American view of politics.  Here’s why:

  1.  They’re taking on President Donald Trump.  That alone should give them pause.  They cannot win.  President Trump is like the Terminator.  He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t pull punches.  He doesn’t lose.  He won’t be dictated to. He does what is best for the American people. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make these leftist Marxist leaders into examples by putting them in prison, gutting funding, or whatever else it takes.  Sacrificial lambs are useful when you want to make a point.  I think PDJT just found some volunteers to be sacrificed. Those leaders who are left behind will have to abandon the Marxist Globalism or face the consequences.  Eventually we’ll get leaders who are actually liberal and not Che Guevara flavored Globalist left extremists.
  2.  They’re really only popular positions in counties that are population centers in the state.  LA, San Francisco and San Diego. If you want to punish the counties that are defying the law, it isn’t hard to target them within the state specifically.  Tulare county isn’t talking about fighting the United States. Unlike many political insurrections, it isn’t hard to find the stronghold of the opposition and punish it directly.
  3. People today are extremely soft and don’t know what true hardship is.  Ashley Judd thinks that taxes on feminine hygiene products are oppressive but doesn’t mention Sharia law and the stoning of rape victims. I don’t think the majority of the anti-American left will follow their leaders when they see the consequences that rain down on those same leaders.  I think their zeal for such nonsense quickly peters out.

Long story short, I think that in the political bloodbath that is sure to come, the extremists of California’s left Anti-American Red Revolution will face severe casualties among their leadership.   Their positions will become politically untenable through any of the various options available to our President and they will lose.  That is almost a given. They’ll feel the pain and those who are left will straighten up and fly right, to borrow from the WWII song of the same name. I think the number of actual true believers in the Leftist/Globalist/Marxist/Stalinst camp that masquerades under the banner of liberalism is very few and that once a couple are made an example of, the rest will fade into the political middle.

The only sure thing that I will predict is more winning for the United States and the American people.

Everyday it is #MAGA all day.  Thank you Mr. President.

Winning Update – January 26th

I can’t keep track of all the winning.

Please, Mr. President, keep on winning despite my inability to stay on pace with your winning.  I’ll get better at tolerating such massive amounts of winning.  Our land has been parched due to the lack the raindrops of winning. I’ll get used to it. Just keep the winning coming.


Amnesty Border Patrol guy vs. President Trump

The head of the Border Patrol, who publicly supported amnesty and was not supported by the front line Border Patrol officers union, left the Border Patrol today. Why he chose to leave is unclear, but at this point doesn’t matter. President Trump wins 1-0.

President of Mexico vs. President Trump

The President of Mexico cancelled a meeting with President Trump because he wasn’t willing or able to deal with PDJT despite the fact that Mexico has zero leverage in any potential deal. PDJT moved forward with his plans for the wall and NAFTA unfazed.  President Trump wins 2-0.

Nature vs. President Trump

Half of California is no longer in drought conditions.  Credit to President Trump?  Only God truly knows.    I like him, so I’d give him the win, but I need facts to support the official victory.  No points awarded, but statistically there is correlation.

Anarchist Asshole Protesters vs. President Trump

Portland, Oregon, AKA Hipster Nation Central, had the PD actually break up a bunch of “protesters” who acted like morons and tried to prevent people from using public transit.  The PD ended the protest, arrested the morons, butt hurt flowed with a vengeance from protesters, and the PD was supported by the mayor and onlookers.  Attitudes have shifted significantly.  It is now punk rock to be Trumpian.  President Trump wins 3-0.

Swampian Obama Appointees vs. President Trump

A bunch of Obama Washington insiders in charge of stuff at the terrible State Department resigned.  They were a disaster, but I think the media thinks we’re supposed to be sad.  Is PDJT sad?  I think not. President Trump wins 4-0.

Sanctuary City vs. President Trump

Miami ended their policy of being a sanctuary city today.  My hands are getting tired typing about all this winning.  President Trump wins 159-0.

Kellyanne Conway DESTROYS Chuck Turd #ChuckTurd

I have a 4 year old and a 3 year old.  I can recognize a tantrum and know the point at which any logical though shuts down and inward thoughts can’t be contained.

Chuck Todd (now #ChuckTurd) of NBC-used-to-be-news just went full daycare blowout.  Here’s Chuck Todd throwing a tantrum on a level that makes me think someone might want to check him for a diaper.


Chuck Todd is a joke. He’s so enraged that his candidate didn’t win and that he doesn’t get his way unchecked that he literally doesn’t know how to react.  Kellyanne Conway absolutely DESTROYS him.  She’s Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and Chuck is a dangling bloody spine wiggling in her hand after she finishes him. The press are the Dodo birds of Washington and she’s hunting them down. She calls out his blatant bias, actually does rise above his level of discourse, and at the end leaves him a shaking, whimpering confused mass of trigglypuff.

His bias is obvious.  He’s a laughing stock.  He’s fake news.  He should be fired, but gladly he won’t.  If he can barely handle Day 1, somewhere along the line, if the Dodos aren’t hunted to extinction, they’re going to go out with heads exploding.

It’s kind of like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” except instead of Clarence getting his wings, everytime the Trump Administration calls out the media bias, a liberal propagandist’s head explodes.


The liberals are putting their relevance on the line and making a big bet

The leadership of the liberal political movement has been pushing in all their chips for two years now on a bet that Donald Trump will destroy America and they have to do everything they can to stop him.

How’s that been going for them?

This is an exceptionally dumb political strategy.  Here’s why.

First, Donald Trump has proven many things, and if nothing else he’s proven that the Republican party has taken a huge turn towards the middle.

President Trump…and it feels SO good to say President Trump…is really much more of an independent when you look at his politics.  He’s populist and 100% American.  His policies are much more geared towards the vast majority of Americans in the middle of the economic bell-curve. You can’t deny the fact that he’s rapidly expanded the Republican brand into new demographics. He’s done better with every single group than the past two Republican candidates. The charges of misogyny, antisemitism, racism, etc are discredited easily.  His most trusted advisor is Ivanka, his Jewish daughter. He’s either the worlds worst bigot or the media is all #fakenews.

Rather than contest that middle class demographic ground with policy, the liberals and DNC are doubling down on owning the fringes of politics.  It is akin to the Republicans making sure that they own the unpopular extremist fringes of the Westboro Babtist Church. The DNC operatives are courting support in groups that already support them. Those groups alienate the vast majority of average Americans. They won’t succeed in doing what they’ve been doing. The DNC won’t grow, but instead they’ll lose votes.  They’re actually the ones who are hate-filled and intolerant, and it’s showing in who they chose to align themselves with.

Second, unlike the Republicans under former President Obama, the Democrats actually have no hope of stopping President Trump. The strategy can’t actually work.

The Republicans own government at this point.  The Democrats can make noise and that’s about it. The vast overuse of the same tired tactics of Saul Alinsky have mostly immunized the American people to the protests, complaints, and performance art pieces.  They no longer care what celebrities think or what some anarchist did to the Foot Locker to send a message on the intricacies of the Middle East Peace process. Nobody cares anymore. The protests have become background noise and something to point and laugh at. If anyone thinks that complaints and political stunts are going to stop President Trump…all I can say is congratulations on emerging from that coma you’ve been in since early 2015.

President Trump’s only possible obstacle to his policy implementation is his own party.  If he can form a coalition of Democrats and Republicans on the few issues where he doesn’t have party line support, he will literally be unstoppable on everything.

Given that President Trump will have pretty much unfettered access to as much winning as he wants, this is the source of greatest risk the Democratic party faces.  They haven’t accounted for one possibility.  What if he does well?  What if he does exceedingly well? He will be able to take all the credit and they’ll have a lot of explaining to do.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the DNC have clearly taken the approach that President Trump is the worst person on Earth who isn’t competent, is full of hate, blah, blah, blah. But you can’t hide improvement in the lives of Americans.  If jobs return, health care improves, crime goes down, the economy flourishes, we stomp ISIS into oblivion, the Earth doesn’t cook itself to death through climate change and American patriotism returns, the liberals are screwed.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, a billionaire from ultra-liberal New York City may very well be the president of the common American man and woman of the forgotten middle class. If he is, the liberal wing of the DNC will be about as relevant as Joy Behar and Amy Schumer when it comes to political power and decision making. After the DNC fear-mongering, when President Trump succeeds, who will America turn to in 2020?

You know me, I’m still #MAGA.

DNC will not tolerate an attack on democracy by others…only they’re allowed to do that.

The idiocy with which the media, the left, the DNC and the rest of those people attack the “validity of the election” is mind blowing.

We have no direct evidence on the whole hacking/Russia/Trump election situation. Nothing either way has been proven.

What we know for sure about the primary:

Hillary Clinton got questions to debates and town halls in advance from CNN contributors.

The DNC machine lined up behind Hillary to rig the primary by actively trying to torpedo Bernie.

We know both of these to be 100% factually true. We have evidence.  There is no doubting the above two things are true.  So, if possible interference by Russia (which has not been proven and at this point is only a POSSIBILITY, not even a probable one) means that Trump is “illegitimate,” doesn’t that mean that Hillary was always an illegitimate nominee of her party?

Why Trump will have too much winning

We’re entering a period of time where Donald Trump is going to have unfettered access to as much winning as he wants.  I know some find that thought absolutely terrifying.  If you do, you have nobody to blame but the media and the left.

Here’s why Trump will have no real opposition:

  1.  The attention span of the average American is about 24 hours.  Our society can fixate on rehashing the same vague or inaccurately reported details of one story for about a day.  Aside some event like 9/11, the American people don’t have the ability, desire or interest in delving into a subject of even basic complexity.  We’re not geared as a society to understand and discuss nuanced issues.
  2. The first thing leads to the second. People really don’t care about the things the main stream media report.
  3. The main stream media has decided rather than to clean up their act, drop their obvious bias, and go back to what they were 50 years ago, they’re doubling down on stupid.  They’re going in whole hog on what got them to the point we’re at now.  They’ve made themselves obsolete and useless.  The media is going to be largely irrelevant, people already don’t believe them, and they’re becoming as relevant as the local newspaper.  They’re old news.
  4. The Democratic opposition is doing the same thing as the media:  doubling down on stupid.  Rather than do an analysis of why they just got eviscerated, they’re doing what they’ve done but with an exponential vigor.
  5. The left and media can’t process the outrage at a speed that will keep up with the things that outrage them.  The Donald and Congress are going to move at a speed that simply outruns the ability of the left to manifest outrage.  See number 1.  They can be mad at one thing per 24 hour cycle.  Trump and Congress can do about a dozen things in the same period.

The media and the left have grown up in a world with no natural predators.  Republicans have been mostly a helpless bunch of wimps until The Donald.  He now comes along and clubs them like baby seals, and if they don’t learn quick, they’re going to go extinct.

That’s a bad thing.  We need a strong, honest and fair media and a loyal American opposition. Until the media and the left have a real “Come to Jesus” moment, they’re done. If they are going to hang their hat on what they’ve done and keep on trucking down the same path, they’re going to get steamrolled in a way that they won’t even be able to comprehend.