Why Trump will have too much winning

We’re entering a period of time where Donald Trump is going to have unfettered access to as much winning as he wants.  I know some find that thought absolutely terrifying.  If you do, you have nobody to blame but the media and the left.

Here’s why Trump will have no real opposition:

  1.  The attention span of the average American is about 24 hours.  Our society can fixate on rehashing the same vague or inaccurately reported details of one story for about a day.  Aside some event like 9/11, the American people don’t have the ability, desire or interest in delving into a subject of even basic complexity.  We’re not geared as a society to understand and discuss nuanced issues.
  2. The first thing leads to the second. People really don’t care about the things the main stream media report.
  3. The main stream media has decided rather than to clean up their act, drop their obvious bias, and go back to what they were 50 years ago, they’re doubling down on stupid.  They’re going in whole hog on what got them to the point we’re at now.  They’ve made themselves obsolete and useless.  The media is going to be largely irrelevant, people already don’t believe them, and they’re becoming as relevant as the local newspaper.  They’re old news.
  4. The Democratic opposition is doing the same thing as the media:  doubling down on stupid.  Rather than do an analysis of why they just got eviscerated, they’re doing what they’ve done but with an exponential vigor.
  5. The left and media can’t process the outrage at a speed that will keep up with the things that outrage them.  The Donald and Congress are going to move at a speed that simply outruns the ability of the left to manifest outrage.  See number 1.  They can be mad at one thing per 24 hour cycle.  Trump and Congress can do about a dozen things in the same period.

The media and the left have grown up in a world with no natural predators.  Republicans have been mostly a helpless bunch of wimps until The Donald.  He now comes along and clubs them like baby seals, and if they don’t learn quick, they’re going to go extinct.

That’s a bad thing.  We need a strong, honest and fair media and a loyal American opposition. Until the media and the left have a real “Come to Jesus” moment, they’re done. If they are going to hang their hat on what they’ve done and keep on trucking down the same path, they’re going to get steamrolled in a way that they won’t even be able to comprehend.


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