DNC will not tolerate an attack on democracy by others…only they’re allowed to do that.

The idiocy with which the media, the left, the DNC and the rest of those people attack the “validity of the election” is mind blowing.

We have no direct evidence on the whole hacking/Russia/Trump election situation. Nothing either way has been proven.

What we know for sure about the primary:

Hillary Clinton got questions to debates and town halls in advance from CNN contributors.

The DNC machine lined up behind Hillary to rig the primary by actively trying to torpedo Bernie.

We know both of these to be 100% factually true. We have evidence.  There is no doubting the above two things are true.  So, if possible interference by Russia (which has not been proven and at this point is only a POSSIBILITY, not even a probable one) means that Trump is “illegitimate,” doesn’t that mean that Hillary was always an illegitimate nominee of her party?


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