The Opposite

I have some very simple advice for the DNC and the party elites and the media to fix the “problem” they currently find themselves in.  First, watch this video clip.

Yes, that’s the advice.  Do the opposite.  That’s it.  Really.

Think about it.  What has Donald Trump done in the primary and the general election?  He took the most common political wisdom and…did the opposite.  They all said don’t insult your opponents…Little Marco…Lyin’ Ted…Crooked Hillary.  Definitely don’t Tweet your every thought at 3am…hello Tweetstorm.  Hillary won’t give a concession speech?  The media all quickly said that they’re no way we’ll see Trump tonight.  10 minutes later…here comes Trump.  It’s a remarkably simple formula.

DNC and media…every instinct you have had since 2015 has been wrong.  The opposite would have to be right.

Right now, you’ve learned nothing.  You’re doing the equivalent of talking slowly and more loudly to someone who can’t speak your language.  It isn’t helping.  You’re doubling down on the same exact things that got you here.  That only gets you to further down the path to disaster twice as fast.

As a good first step, I’d encourage you to do the thing you’ve never actually done.  Invite common people from Sturgis, South Dakota or Thermopolis, Wyoming or Grand Rapids, Michigan on your shows.  Talk to them instead of talking down to them or having someone from Georgetown explain what they’re thinking.  They speak.  You can talk to them.  You might learn something.

See.  It’s the opposite.


I’m comforted…

Here, in my safe space, postulating the future of our nation, I am comforted.

President Trump seems to want to reach out to all Americans.  No doubt he is a Nationalist, but so was Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and pretty much every American prior to about 1960.  I just don’t see the hatred they claim Trump has.  Globalism hasn’t been all that great for most people.

The irrational, violent and emotionally stunted response to the election by a very select few doesn’t have me worried at all.  They’ve become the defacto spokespeople for the DNC.  I don’t think that will work well for their safe spaces, cuddle parties, coloring books and…whatever.  If they can’t handle a President Trump, they definitely can’t handle anything we should be worried about.

Donald Trump has sought to support the military, law enforcement and law abiding gun owners.  That’s a pretty powerful group for one reason.  All of those groups conditionally support him for his belief in the Constitution, Rule of Law and love of the American people.  If the anarchists in the streets can’t come to grips with reality and want to push this past peaceful protest, I think America has that handled.  If Donald Trump tries to become a dictator, I think we have that handled to.

Keep on peacefully protesting.  Peaceful is good.  I’ll be here in my safe space.  My tranquility is preserved.


Political thought of the day…

The liberal media is labeling President-elect Trump is an anti-Semite, giving as much air time as possible to anyone who cars to sling the accusation.

An anti-Semite is someone who hates Jews.

Donald Trumps favorite child, according to his own children, is Ivanka.  She is his closest advisor as well.

Ivanka is Jewish.  She converted to the faith, which is that of her husband.  Her husband is one of his most trusted campaign advisors.

Hmmmmm.  Donald Trump is either really, really, really bad at being anti-Semitic or dare I say, he might not be one at all.

Gwen Ifill dead at 61

It is hard to find someone you know you politically disagree with who you can respect when discussing politics.  Most people are uninformed buffoons who will snap up every kernel of propaganda drenched candy corn they can get.

It is much harder to find a journalist who reports on politics that I think most people on both sides of the aisle respect.  Gwen Ifill was a very fair, honest and intelligent journalist.  Using the past tense in that sentence fills me with some honest degree of sadness.  I respected her and will miss her intelligent contributions to journalism.

When I saw the news today of her passing, I was shocked.  I knew she was away from her normal job on PBS, but had no idea. The way in which she never said a word about the suffering she was going through on air, the way in which she never showed a hint of difference in who she was despite her difficulties…you have to greatly admire it.  I certainly do.  She never made the story about her.  She didn’t want to be the show.  She wanted to be the vehicle to get to the story.  She embodied what a journalist was supposed to be.  She sought facts, fairness to all sides of the issues and would not suffer fools.  Never did she seek to become the story.

I am almost positive she was a liberal.  However, the fact that I can’t be positive speaks highly to her fairness.  You would be hard pinned to find a time when she showed abject favoritism or unfairness. All journalists have opinions.  Few have ones you can’t discern within the first minute of a story.  With Gwen, she was seeking to get you to think, not try and get you to agree.  I will miss that.

I do not fear the future for our country, but I am saddened by our national loss.  We need a functioning press of respected, intelligent and unbiased reporters.  We didn’t have many yesterday.  We have one fewer today.

God bless you, Gwen Ifill.  You will be missed.  My prayers to you and your family.

Help me President Trump, You’re my only hope

If you thought I stole that line from Star Wars, replacing Obi-Wan with our new President Elect…well, you’re obviously right.  Thus ends the humor of this open letter I sincerely hope finds it’s way to the new champion of the forgotten man and woman.

President Trump,

Congratulations on your win.  I, along with millions of other Americans, are filled with a new hope that it is morning in America.  Never in my voting lifetime have I had so much hope for the future of our country.  You have invested your time, money and had the courage to be who you are. You cast political correctness aside for authenticity.  You cast “political wisdom” into the dust-bin in trade for common sense.  You have done what I always knew you could do in winning this election.  You did it for us, the American people.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I truly know and believe that you want to Make America Great Again for all Americans. It is our duty to stand and support you where we can, and to offer solutions and ideas to the problems I know you are trying to solve.  I am asking that you please follow through on four things for those of us who are in states where the 2nd Amendment is not only under attack, but burned, battered, spit upon and defiled.

In California, I do not have the right to self-defense in the same way as almost every other state.  I personally possess a Nevada Non-Resident concealed carry permit which required training, a three month long background check (which in reality probably took a phone call) and live fire demonstration of firearms proficiency.  I legally carry a gun routinely in Nevada and have done so now since 2009. Yet, my sheriff here in California refuses to issue a permit to any resident who is completely qualified to carry a firearm because our Sheriff is against gun rights.  The practice of arbitrary denial of rights must end.

Additionally, California has enacted multiple laws that go above and beyond anything done at the Federal level.  We can purchase a new handgun only if it appears on the state approved list of handguns, a list which most handguns are not on.  Rifle and shotgun purchases of certain models are restricted by arbitrary feature having nothing to do with functionality, safety or use. Magazine capacity limits, and now confiscation, have done nothing for crime prevention.  California routinely creates new laws to turn law abiding gun owners overnight into criminals for technicalities while releasing violent felons.  The ability of the states to infringe upon a Constitutional right with regulation that goes above and beyond the thousands of Federal regulations governing firearms must stop.

Here are my four requests:

  1.  Please work with Congress to enact legislation to ensure a national right to shall-issue concealed carry with 50 state reciprocity.  I know you have written multiple position papers and made this a part of your campaign speech.  Unlike a politician, I know you will follow through.  I should be able to get a permit in California if I can get one in Nevada and that permit should be valid in the entire country the same way a marriage license or drivers license is.
  2. Ensure that arbitrary state laws that prohibit the sale, transfer and ownership of rifles, shotguns and handguns that are legal according to Federal law are no longer allowed.  States should not be able to restrict the fundamental Constitutional rights of their citizens to the point that the right no longer exists.  Regulation of firearms ownership, as a fundamental Constitutional right, should only be done at the Federal level and regulation should have to pass strict Constitutional scrutiny.
  3. Include average people from New York, California, New Jersey…states where the 2nd Amendment barely exists…in your 2nd Amendment Coalition headed up by Donald Junior.  I see industry titans, champion shooters, but it wouldn’t hurt to have an Average Joe.  The voice of the common man, as you know from talking with the electricians, plumbers, framers and so on when you build a property, is often the one you need most.  I can’t tell you what it’s like to run a $100 million dollar firearms company, but I can tell you what it’s like to live in California and where things have gone wrong.
  4. Please stay who you are at your core and stay the man we elected.  We elected you, not the person political consultants will undoubtedly advise you to become.  We elected you because you’re not a politician.  Undoubtedly Washington and its snake oil salesman will try to assimilate you.  Don’t let them.  Don’t become just another politically correct drone.  You can be Presidential and still be you. Let your family guide you in decorum, not Washington.  Your children and your wife all show decorum and strength.  Anyone can be more polished around the edges without changing the steel in the middle.

You have the full support of the millions of legal firearms owners in making this work. I have hope because of where we are at today in America.  We’re in the first good place we’ve been in a long time.

Like you, I don’t ask people for things I’m not willing to work for.  I’m the average, law abiding, tax paying, middle class American.  I work to feed my family, I respect the Constitution and love my country.  I may be only one person, but as you know, the power of the millions like me coming together can accomplish great things.  I stand by you and am here to work if you need me.  We sent you to Washington as our voice.  Please let us know when we can help you speak for us.

Thank you.

Dear Media…part 1

Dear Media,

It’s been both fun and sad watching you perform mental gynmastics on what caused Trump to win, what a win will mean for America and what Trump will do as President.

You still don’t get it.

You universally say that Trump was elected because of old white high school dropouts in Klan robes.

He wasn’t.

You label his supporters deplorables who possess blatant racism, sexism, etc.  You still look down your nose in your tantrum at the people who voted for Donald Trump and exhibit the very behavior you claim to deplore.  You’re talking down to us, labeling us, accusing us, and assume we’re all stupid.

We Aren’t.

Please, keep on labeling us.  Keep on insulting us.  Keep on talking down to us.  Your behavior proves everything we thought was true.  You’re the problem, not us.

Day 1 of Making America Great Again.  4 more years to go.

George Costanza, The NFL, and The Opposite

The Dallas Cowboys asked to wear a blue sticker on their helmet to commemorate the 5 Dallas Police officers who were murdered by a BLM activist.  You know, 5 brave members of DPD who gave their lives to take down a shooter in the midst of what was quite literally a hate crime in every sense of the word.

The NFL said no because it would be allowing a political demonstration.

The NFL recently came out with a policy that forbids off-duty police officers from carrying at NFL venues.  Off-duty officers who are still sworn law enforcement and would be the first line of defense against any threat.  You know, like the 5 DPD officers who died stopping a BLM activist.

The NFL said that allowing sworn off-duty law enforcement to be armed would represent a danger and create an “unsafe atmosphere.”

Of course Colin Kaepernick and the other athletes who are using the field to make a public stand on an issue by disrespecting the flag have gotten nothing but encouragement and approval from the NFL.  I’ve already covered why the First Amendment doesn’t really apply to employment conditions.

Either the NFL is actually very anti-police, or they are trying The Opposite.  There is no other explanation.

Hi, My name is Roger Goodell. I should be unemployed and live in the hood.


Making everyone hate you OR Colin Kaepernick’s guide to having a conversation

If an NFL quarterback strolled out onto the field in Confederate Flag socks and wearing blackface, would we all rush to make sure and affirm that we all support his right to freedom of speech?

I’m thinking the answer is no.  We’d say he’s a race baiting, hate filled and clueless moron.

Would we be wrong to say that it is a classless way to act, and that any credibility he had on any issue just went out the window?

Again, I’m thinking the answer is no.  We’d say he’s a race baiting, hate filled and clueless moron.

Yes, Colin Kaepernick has the right to sit for the national anthem.  It’s a classless, clueless and alienating move, but the government isn’t going to come by and place him in a gulag.  That is absolutely the way it should be.  However, guess what?  He’s a race baiting, hate filled and clueless moron.  That’s the truth of how it is.

People seem to misunderstand that he does NOT have freedom from consequence.  He should absolutely be ridiculed, mocked and fired.  We don’t have to fall all over ourselves trying to out PC everyone else on how he has the right to say what he wants.  Yes, we know. He’s free to say what he wants.  However, he should be booted from the NFL.  His actions are disgraceful.  Whatever shock therapy he’s engaged into give him that hairdo has also rotted his brain.

He’s an idiot.  If I wanted to start a conversation about race relations in America and started off by burning a picture of Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, how’s that conversation going to go?  I’d have to say, probably not well.  When you act like a self-centered, ignorant douche, people don’t really sit up and listen to what you have to say next. Yet here is Colin, pissing off anybody who feels any form of respect for our flag.  I think our nation has a lot of problems.  I don’t think that pissing off the rest of the country is going to solve any of them.

Just like Colin seems to have forgotten the white family that adopted him, loved him and raised him, the sooner we forget about Colin Kaepernick, the better.  He needs the Old Yeller treatment.  We remember the good days fondly, try to forget the foaming at the mouth, and we take him out behind the barn and put him out of his misery before it gets worse.

Metaphorically, of course.

What does it take to have a hard conversation?

Today I listened to some co-workers share some real, honest and emotional concerns, struggles and worries.  The experience was powerful.  That phrase is overused and I know I sound like some social justice warrior millennial weirdo.  I promise to stop.

Some of them talked about issues and I really identified with how hard it probably was to share the things they shared.  It isn’t hard to share that you’re thinking about being the fat guy in the room, or that you think people see you as weak because you had a C-section or that you have any other of a thousand issues that you feel make you stand out or feel uncomfortable. I didn’t see these people that way, but they sure saw themselves that way.  I sure could identify with thinking about being the fat guy in the room, but honestly I didn’t have the courage to say it.  I admired how courageous they were to share some stuff that wasn’t easy for them.

These things need to be talked about.  How can we create a place where we can all share things that we’re not really comfortable sharing?

I spent some time thinking about what you need to have in place before you can have a real, honest and open conversation.  I listened to people share things that made them worried or feel alienated.  I think it all comes down to trust, understanding and respect.

Only when you think someone will accept you unconditionally for who you are do we draw back the curtain and show our real self a little at a time.  We have to be convinced that our friends will stay friends.  When you trust them, and they respect you, understanding is the product of a real conversation. Simple recipe, difficult to find the ingredients.

The internet and social media isn’t a place where we have these conversations because there is no trust, respect or understanding.  People don’t see each other as people but as the other side of the coin.   The enemy.  The problem.  We don’t see and don’t know that the guy who we call names is really a man in Vermont who works two jobs to feed his kids because his wife committed suicide.  We forget they are people with real life stories and experiences.

Maybe I wasn’t so far off when I said we need sensible controls on speech (or not…because limiting freedom of any kind is only guaranteed to hurt people and fail miserably…it was satire, people).

I’m sure glad I’m not on social media.  It’s nice to have a real conversation once in awhile.

I can’t post anything lately without getting political, so here you go.

There isn’t much to say about Hillary because we have had decades to learn everything we need to know.  Nothing new can be said.  Here’s a completely authentic real human reaction to a scripted balloon drop.  Not forced at all for the cameras.


We don’t know as much as we should about The Donald since he’s really only been a political figure for a short time and the media sucks at covering him.  Here’s a video to watch with a critical eye if you are a Trump supporter and an open mind if you are a Trump hater.