George Costanza, The NFL, and The Opposite

The Dallas Cowboys asked to wear a blue sticker on their helmet to commemorate the 5 Dallas Police officers who were murdered by a BLM activist.  You know, 5 brave members of DPD who gave their lives to take down a shooter in the midst of what was quite literally a hate crime in every sense of the word.

The NFL said no because it would be allowing a political demonstration.

The NFL recently came out with a policy that forbids off-duty police officers from carrying at NFL venues.  Off-duty officers who are still sworn law enforcement and would be the first line of defense against any threat.  You know, like the 5 DPD officers who died stopping a BLM activist.

The NFL said that allowing sworn off-duty law enforcement to be armed would represent a danger and create an “unsafe atmosphere.”

Of course Colin Kaepernick and the other athletes who are using the field to make a public stand on an issue by disrespecting the flag have gotten nothing but encouragement and approval from the NFL.  I’ve already covered why the First Amendment doesn’t really apply to employment conditions.

Either the NFL is actually very anti-police, or they are trying The Opposite.  There is no other explanation.

Hi, My name is Roger Goodell. I should be unemployed and live in the hood.



Making everyone hate you OR Colin Kaepernick’s guide to having a conversation

If an NFL quarterback strolled out onto the field in Confederate Flag socks and wearing blackface, would we all rush to make sure and affirm that we all support his right to freedom of speech?

I’m thinking the answer is no.  We’d say he’s a race baiting, hate filled and clueless moron.

Would we be wrong to say that it is a classless way to act, and that any credibility he had on any issue just went out the window?

Again, I’m thinking the answer is no.  We’d say he’s a race baiting, hate filled and clueless moron.

Yes, Colin Kaepernick has the right to sit for the national anthem.  It’s a classless, clueless and alienating move, but the government isn’t going to come by and place him in a gulag.  That is absolutely the way it should be.  However, guess what?  He’s a race baiting, hate filled and clueless moron.  That’s the truth of how it is.

People seem to misunderstand that he does NOT have freedom from consequence.  He should absolutely be ridiculed, mocked and fired.  We don’t have to fall all over ourselves trying to out PC everyone else on how he has the right to say what he wants.  Yes, we know. He’s free to say what he wants.  However, he should be booted from the NFL.  His actions are disgraceful.  Whatever shock therapy he’s engaged into give him that hairdo has also rotted his brain.

He’s an idiot.  If I wanted to start a conversation about race relations in America and started off by burning a picture of Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, how’s that conversation going to go?  I’d have to say, probably not well.  When you act like a self-centered, ignorant douche, people don’t really sit up and listen to what you have to say next. Yet here is Colin, pissing off anybody who feels any form of respect for our flag.  I think our nation has a lot of problems.  I don’t think that pissing off the rest of the country is going to solve any of them.

Just like Colin seems to have forgotten the white family that adopted him, loved him and raised him, the sooner we forget about Colin Kaepernick, the better.  He needs the Old Yeller treatment.  We remember the good days fondly, try to forget the foaming at the mouth, and we take him out behind the barn and put him out of his misery before it gets worse.

Metaphorically, of course.