Winning Update – January 26th

I can’t keep track of all the winning.

Please, Mr. President, keep on winning despite my inability to stay on pace with your winning.  I’ll get better at tolerating such massive amounts of winning.  Our land has been parched due to the lack the raindrops of winning. I’ll get used to it. Just keep the winning coming.


Amnesty Border Patrol guy vs. President Trump

The head of the Border Patrol, who publicly supported amnesty and was not supported by the front line Border Patrol officers union, left the Border Patrol today. Why he chose to leave is unclear, but at this point doesn’t matter. President Trump wins 1-0.

President of Mexico vs. President Trump

The President of Mexico cancelled a meeting with President Trump because he wasn’t willing or able to deal with PDJT despite the fact that Mexico has zero leverage in any potential deal. PDJT moved forward with his plans for the wall and NAFTA unfazed.  President Trump wins 2-0.

Nature vs. President Trump

Half of California is no longer in drought conditions.  Credit to President Trump?  Only God truly knows.    I like him, so I’d give him the win, but I need facts to support the official victory.  No points awarded, but statistically there is correlation.

Anarchist Asshole Protesters vs. President Trump

Portland, Oregon, AKA Hipster Nation Central, had the PD actually break up a bunch of “protesters” who acted like morons and tried to prevent people from using public transit.  The PD ended the protest, arrested the morons, butt hurt flowed with a vengeance from protesters, and the PD was supported by the mayor and onlookers.  Attitudes have shifted significantly.  It is now punk rock to be Trumpian.  President Trump wins 3-0.

Swampian Obama Appointees vs. President Trump

A bunch of Obama Washington insiders in charge of stuff at the terrible State Department resigned.  They were a disaster, but I think the media thinks we’re supposed to be sad.  Is PDJT sad?  I think not. President Trump wins 4-0.

Sanctuary City vs. President Trump

Miami ended their policy of being a sanctuary city today.  My hands are getting tired typing about all this winning.  President Trump wins 159-0.


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