Bold Prediction: California returns to the political center

I know, it sounds crazy.  It might be crazy.  But we live in crazy times.  Crazy awesome.

California is threatening to secede from the United States. They’re now talking about non-compliance with Federal Tax law.  I think these two have the potential to return California more towards what might be called an actual American view of politics.  Here’s why:

  1.  They’re taking on President Donald Trump.  That alone should give them pause.  They cannot win.  President Trump is like the Terminator.  He doesn’t stop. He doesn’t pull punches.  He doesn’t lose.  He won’t be dictated to. He does what is best for the American people. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make these leftist Marxist leaders into examples by putting them in prison, gutting funding, or whatever else it takes.  Sacrificial lambs are useful when you want to make a point.  I think PDJT just found some volunteers to be sacrificed. Those leaders who are left behind will have to abandon the Marxist Globalism or face the consequences.  Eventually we’ll get leaders who are actually liberal and not Che Guevara flavored Globalist left extremists.
  2.  They’re really only popular positions in counties that are population centers in the state.  LA, San Francisco and San Diego. If you want to punish the counties that are defying the law, it isn’t hard to target them within the state specifically.  Tulare county isn’t talking about fighting the United States. Unlike many political insurrections, it isn’t hard to find the stronghold of the opposition and punish it directly.
  3. People today are extremely soft and don’t know what true hardship is.  Ashley Judd thinks that taxes on feminine hygiene products are oppressive but doesn’t mention Sharia law and the stoning of rape victims. I don’t think the majority of the anti-American left will follow their leaders when they see the consequences that rain down on those same leaders.  I think their zeal for such nonsense quickly peters out.

Long story short, I think that in the political bloodbath that is sure to come, the extremists of California’s left Anti-American Red Revolution will face severe casualties among their leadership.   Their positions will become politically untenable through any of the various options available to our President and they will lose.  That is almost a given. They’ll feel the pain and those who are left will straighten up and fly right, to borrow from the WWII song of the same name. I think the number of actual true believers in the Leftist/Globalist/Marxist/Stalinst camp that masquerades under the banner of liberalism is very few and that once a couple are made an example of, the rest will fade into the political middle.

The only sure thing that I will predict is more winning for the United States and the American people.

Everyday it is #MAGA all day.  Thank you Mr. President.


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